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Exquisi Ponytail

20" $149.99

The Exquisi Ponytail is the perfect accessory for any occasion. It will thicken, lengthen and volumize the appearance if your ponytail in seconds.

Brilliant results from a few simple instructions:-

1) Tie your hair into a small bun or ponytail

2) Using the comb attached to the ponytail slide it into the top of your bun/ponytail

3) Using the long section, separate to the main ponytail. Start to wrap around the base of your style. Once it is secure and hiding all joins, pin to secure the hair.

The Exquisi Ponytail also has a secure velcro section.

Exquisi Ponytail - 100% Indian Human Remy Hair

Length - 20"

Weft - Approx 11cm

Weight - Approx 75g