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16" Exquisi Weft Dark Ash Brown #7

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The Platinum Exquisi Weft Set provides: (Subject to minor variation)

  • Length of hair extensions: 16” (40cm) or 20” (50cm)
  • Number of pieces: 1
  • Weight of hair: 180 grams – pure hair weight 16"
  • Weight of hair.  200 grams - pure hair weight 20"
  • Type of hair: 100% Indian Remy Human Hair

The Platinum Exquisi Weft is one of the most innovative products you will love to wear! It works for all hair types and thickness, making it a very versatile and fun product. Using 100% Indian Human Remy Hair, the Exquisi Weft is simple and quick, giving you amazingly thicker results. 

The Exquisi Weft is simply the thickest product available for those who are blessed with short thick hair. You may need to style and possibly trim to create a perfect finish, allowing you to have thicker hair in seconds! 

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  • Keep your hair clean! Shampoo your hair going in a downward motion. Condition and rinse well. Brush them carefully and then dry with a hair dryer.
  • Avoid "air drying" your extensions. Squeeze dry with a towel and then blow dry to finish.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to combat tangling!
  • Try not to back comb your hair too often! This can result in cuticle breakage that will result in dryness and matting.
  • If you sleep wearing your hair extensions, we recommend that you braid them or put them in a loose ponytail first, to minimise tangling. This should also be done if you are doing anything energetic that will cause the hair to tangle!
  • Use a conditioning spray regularly. At Exquisi we recommend you use a spray which is specially formulated to condition the hair and prolong the life of your hair extensions. Unlike your own hair, extensions can not produce any oils which moisturize the hair naturally so they can become dry if a conditioning spray is not used.
  • Style with care! Don't brush too harshly. We recommend a brush with soft bristles! Start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up. Take your time!
  • Heat is one of your hair's biggest enemies! Try to use a heat protective spray prior to using heat on your hair to keep your hair in great condition. And avoid heating one spot for too long - it won't make the curl hold any longer or better!

When purchasing from us we want your experience to be fun and easy! We are very proud of our products and the quality we provide. And we always appreciate all the positive reviews we get from our customers who tell us our hair extensions are the best they have ever worn!

We also know that sometimes it takes more than one attempt for people to find the right extensions for themselves - choosing from a computer screen may not be easy but it shouldn't be stressful! We are confident that you will love your new hair extensions and your fabulous new look! But if anything is wrong we don't want you to worry for one second! With our 7 day guarantee for all customers -


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